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Continuous / Simultaneous interpreting

When organising a multi-lingual event, whether a business meeting, a conference, a trade fair or a medical appointment you need the help of interpretation specialists.

At Active Languages, our interpreting consultants will be able to advise you on the type of interpreting you require: simultaneous, consecutive, etc. We can cover many languages and subject specialities.

Interpreting is a highly skilled task and requires a great deal of mental stamina: the interpreter will listen to the speaker, render what has just been said in another language, whilst taking in what follows and repeating the same process.

Once the assignment has been finalised, a project manager will be appointed, monitoring progress and developments at all times, ensuring a professional delivery of our services.

For any interpreting assignment, it is very helpful to provide the interpreters with copies of relevant documents, presentations, reference material several days before the meeting so that they can prepare in good time.

It is a pleasure working with Active Languages who always provide an excellent service, and support, consistently sticking to deadlines.

Melanie Hallyday
Studio Manager