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Language Training Courses

Forget those bad memories of learning French or German at school!

Whether you need to make a sales presentation in Italian, attend strategy meeting with your French managers or learn Spanish before moving to live in Barcelona, Active Languages will assign the best teachers to help you improve your language skills.

Once the aim has been defined, an audit is carried out and a programme is designed specifically to meet the needs of groups or individuals, making it cost effective for the organisation or individuals in developing the language skills required.

Most learners need to improve their communication skills in the foreign language required. Training focuses on practical oral exercises, using authentic materials in situations relevant to the business. This ensures that the training is both enjoyable and relevant. It is by far the most effective method for boosting confidence and consequently improving overall communication skills.

Our trainers are all native speakers and qualified teachers, particularly experienced in language training for business.

We offer totally flexible language training programmes in terms of length and duration. We know how busy you are, flexibility is the key to a successful language training programme.
The training will be delivered on days and at times to suit your availability.

Two alternative training programmes:

  • Extended training: the preferred option for most leading public and private organisations as well as individuals. A regular programme of 2 hours per week over 20 or 40 weeks is recommended.
  • Intensive training: recommended to those who need to develop their language skills to meet a deadline. A continuous programme of 40 hours over one or two weeks is, in our experience, the most effective solution to ensure immersion and optimise progress.
  • All our programmes are customised to suit the learner or learners' specific needs and availability.

We also have close links with the best professional language centres abroad, should you prefer to undertake your intensive training course in the target country. We will make sure that the selected centre matches exactly your requirements.

For more information about our courses, rates, etc., please contact us.