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Legal translation

Whether you need translation of evidence, police interview reports, distribution contracts or property deeds, Active Languages has extensive experience in legal translating.

It is vital for a legal translation to be 100% accurate. We select specialist translators with a proven record in legal translation, who know their country's legal system and understand legal systems used throughout the world.

Of course, when it comes to legal translation, confidentiality is essential. We adhere to strict privacy guidelines and this is why our clients trust us with their legal documents over and over again.

Certified, Notarised & Sworn translations

When you need a document such as birth, marriage, divorce certificates to be translated for official use, it often needs to be certified.

A certified translation means that besides the translated documents you will also receive a statement confirming that the translated version is a true and accurate version of the original.

A notarised translation may be required for legal matters. The translator must personally attend a Public Notary's offices, to swear before the Notary that he or she is professionally qualified and that the translation is to the best of his/her knowledge accurate. The Notary will verify the translator's identity and include a notarial certificate to the front of the translation.

A sworn translation is a document provided by a sworn translator and is an official document in its own right. The translation will also be provided with the sworn translator' stamped declaration.

We were getting married in the Dominican Republic and we need certified translations of our birth certificates fast, Active Languages were really helpful and explained everything to us properly. We received the translations and the certification very quickly too.