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You've got a great website which reaches your English speaking clients and now you want to sell to other markets. But selling to new countries means speaking other languages and But that's not all!.

Website visitors are four times more likely to place an order from a site in their own language. They also need to be reassured that there will be somebody at your end who speaks their language.

This is why so many of our customers trust Active Languages to provide the best website translations and instil customer confidence.

How does it work?

You brief us and send us the source files. We send you a full quote.
Once you have had all the information you need from us and give us the go ahead:

  • We brief our carefully selected translators about your company and what you want to achieve.
  • Our translators research the market for your industry in their respective countries, checking out competitors, keywords, etc.
  • The translators translate the source files submitted and make sure keywords are included for SEO purposes. We ensure the translations are not only exact but that they are also localised. This is why we use native translators who are based in their own country. They know the market, the culture, the local customs and they will make sure that the translated website attracts visitors from the target countries.
  • We can provide assistance with SEO optimisation.

But that's not all!

Once your website is live, you need to reassure your potential client that somebody is at hand to respond to his query in his own language. Like most companies, you will have given a telephone number for your clients to contact you. You may have French and German speaker in-house but what happens if the caller is Dutch, never mind Russian?

At Active Languages, we offer a unique service:
We offer the option of translating your potential client's emails for you. Once you've given us the reply, we translate it back in the language of your client for you to send back, and all this within a maximum period of 24 hours. Your Dutch client is reassured you have somebody on site that speaks his language and will be confident he can place the order with you.

We can do the same on the telephone although email communication is usually easier.
Please contact us for more information, rates and customer references about this service

Thanks to Active Languages, we now have 7 websites in 5 languages. I STRONGLY recommend Active Languages to EVERYONE interested in running a successful online business in Europe! A professional and dedicated company who will go above and beyond the call of duty to help you become successful. Keep up the excellent work.

Stewart Freeman
Product Manager
Hudson Reed