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A professional language service : Translation, Interpreting & Language courses

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Whether you need to have an official document translated or you require the translation of your website in eleven languages, don't look further!

  • You need a company you can depend on and trust to deliver language services (translating, interpreting and language training) professionally, accurately, and fluently.
  • Whatever the project, the translation of a manufacturing manual, a website, an official document, an interpreting assignment or a language training course, everything is arranged efficiently and effectively.
  • Active Languages is dedicated to provide its customers the best quality translation whatever the size of your project.
  • We listen to each of our clients' needs and we can translate documents into or from over 70 languages, from European languages such as French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, Polish or Russian to more complex languages such as Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, Japanese, etc.

Translation services

  • Quality translation by a qualified and experienced translator translating only in his/her native language.
  • Translators selected for their field of expertise to make sure they understand your project.
  • Project management: We make sure you are updated every step of the way.
  • A turnkey service: One single contact person to take care of all your projects.

Interpreting services

  • Simultaneous and continuous interpreting.
  • Court interpreting and public service interpreting.
  • Qualified interpreters specialised in their own fields.
  • Project management: One single contact person to liaise between you and the interpreter(s).

Language training

Learn French in France
Learn English in England

  • Extended language training courses for professionals and individuals.
  • Intensive language training programmes whatever your business sector.
  • French language courses in France, in Paris and Nice, for professionals, students, families and juniors.
  • General English courses in England.
  • Business English courses in England.
  • Summer language courses in France and in UK.