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    Are you looking for a study abroad programme?
    You’ve come to the right place! Active Languages can help you find the right language school and course for your needs.

    Active Languages Translation Services

    Study abroad Language courses and football for juniors

    We can help you find the right experience for your kids, whether you’re looking for a French exam revision course for the school holidays, a summer campus with other kids, a family holiday to soak up the language and culture or a unique summer campus in the UK where you can study English and practise your football skills with the Paris Saint-Germain Academy UK.

    Active Languages Translation Services

    Study abroad Language courses for adults in France

    Maybe you need to improve your French for that job interview in Nice. Or perhaps you want to spend some of your trip to Paris studying French, exploring the city and living like a local. No matter why you want to study abroad, Active Languages can help you find your happy place.

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    You’re in the right place to find out what exactly being a specialised translator involves and how assigning your translation to a specialised translator will benefit you and your business.

    Study Abroad: Top 5 Reasons to Stay in a Host Family

    ACCORD Paris in Paris and CIA in Nice, Antibes and Biarritz currently provide a range of host family options for you to choose from, so let’s find the right one for your French immersion in Paris or the South of France.

    Study Abroad on the French Riviera

    We thought we’d introduce you to some of the highlights of a study abroad experience on the French Riviera whilst there’s still time for you to book your French language course this summer!