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Whatever your translation project and no matter the size, you can count on Active Languages to provide a professional translation service at the right price

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Active Languages Translation Services

Translation – Each project is different

Whether you need to translate your website into different languages,  technical manuals or an official document, Active Languages does more than simply translate. We replicate the tone, whether it be light-hearted with lots of plays on words or requires technical accuracy in the target language, to perfectly reflect your business in other languages.

Active Languages Translation Services

Document & Website translation

Europeanization, globalisation and localisation are the key words in the business world of today. Your company’s expansion is closely linked to its involvement with foreign markets but dealing with a translation project can be daunting.

You have to be sure that your website, brochure, catalogue, etc. will be translated accurately, appropriately and within a set deadline… you have to trust the translation company you are working with and our customers’ loyalty over the last 20 years is proof you can trust Active Languages with your translation projects. Whatever your translation project and no matter the size, Active Languages always delivers at the right price.

Active Languages Translation Services

Translations – Our commitment to Quality

Over 25 years of experience in the industry means that our clients know they can always rely on Active Languages to fulfil their language requirements. As a small business, they know that we are always quick to answer and give our clients the personal attention they deserve.

We take our clients’ needs into consideration, listen to what they expect from their project and meet their exact requirements, whatever kind or size of translation we’re dealing with.

Active Languages Translation Services

Technical translation

Over the years, Active Languages has built its reputation on providing highly technical translations for countless SMEs alongside some of the biggest companies in the UK and Europe.

Our technical translation projects cover everything from product specifications, data sheets and user manuals to health & safety guidelines. The translation must be 100% accurate whether it be aerospace, food, engineering, manufacturing or any other specialist area. Anything less is unthinkable!

At Active Languages, we work with a team of technical translators with a proven track record and in-depth knowledge of the specialist field they are translating in.

Active Languages Translation Services

Legal translation

Whether you need to translate a marriage certificate, police interview report, distribution contract or property deeds, Active Languages has extensive experience in translating legal documents.

A legal translation has to be on point; there’s no place for creativity so we select specialist translators with an extensive background in legal translation.

Active Languages works with several legal firms to complete their translation projects as well as private clients who just need a birth, marriage or death certificate translated. Whatever the size of your project, Active Languages is here to help you!

Are you looking for a professional translation provider to make your project a success? You’ve come to the right place! Reach out to Active Languages for your projects, no matter the size.

Are you looking for a study abroad programme?
You’ve come to the right place! Active Languages can help you find the right language school and course for your needs.

Active Languages Translation Services

Study abroad Language courses and football for juniors

We can help you find the right experience for your kids, whether you’re looking for a French exam revision course for the school holidays, a summer campus with other kids, a family holiday to soak up the language and culture or a unique summer campus in the UK where you can study English and practise your football skills with the Paris Saint-Germain Academy UK.

Active Languages Translation Services

Study abroad Language courses for adults in France

Maybe you need to improve your French for that job interview in Nice. Or perhaps you want to spend some of your trip to Paris studying French, exploring the city and living like a local. No matter why you want to study abroad, Active Languages can help you find your happy place.

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