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You need your documents translated fast with a translation company you can trust, or reach new clients with a multilingual website, don’t look further… Active Languages provides the professional translation services you need!

Active Languages Translation Services
Active Languages Translation Services

Do you want to translate your website into different languages to reach a wider audience and attract new clients? Do you want to localise keywords to give you pride of place on Google? Or maybe you have some product names that you want to check don’t mean something unsavoury in another language before you put it to market?

Active Languages does more than simply translate your website. We replicate the tone, whether it be light-hearted with lots of plays on words or serious with lots of technical jargon, to perfectly reflect your business in other languages.

We can also research the right keywords in the local language to see you soaring up Google rankings. Just send us your keywords in English and we will research the most searched terms to use in your target language.

Make the most of our translators’ knowledge of their country and culture to check any product names or branding is appropriate and inoffensive in their language. For example, one of our clients queried the name “Loo” for a bag they wanted to launch on the UK market. It’s safe to say they changed the name after our input!

Document & Website translation

The industry has changed since then with the appearance of Google Translate and machine translation which provide a cheap alternative to human translation. We’ve all seen the funny fails but when it comes to giving the right impression to your customers or making sure your instructions are clear and easy to follow, we can all agree that human translation wins out.

Human translators can pick up nuances, find the right idiom to capture a concept or adapt their language to suit your audience, be it bright and chirpy for a child’s toy or technical for an industrial oven handbook.

The secret behind a good translation is that it doesn’t read like a translation; it should flow and feel natural in your language. That’s why our translators only work in their mother tongues.

Contrary to popular belief, human translation won’t break the bank but it will make a world of difference to your dealings with foreign clients/suppliers. Take a look at our price list or contact us so we can help you work out the best prices and select the best translators for your project whilst meeting your deadlines.

Active Languages Translation Services

Most of our clients have been working with us for many years and trust us with their translation projects, whether it is engineering, legal, education, tourism, etc.

At Active Languages, we cover a variety of industries and always allocate the right translator for the assignment based on their areas of expertise.

If you have a regular requirement for translation i.e. customer service messages to be translated on a daily basis or social media updates to say hello to your overseas clients, then get in touch and let Active Languages know how we can help.

We look forward to working with you.

Are you looking for a professional translation provider to make your project a success? You’ve come to the right place! Reach out to Active Languages for your projects, no matter the size.

Are you looking for a study abroad programme?
You’ve come to the right place! Active Languages can help you find the right language school and course for your needs.

Active Languages Translation Services

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Active Languages Translation Services

Study abroad Language courses for adults in France

Maybe you need to improve your French for that job interview in Nice. Or perhaps you want to spend some of your trip to Paris studying French, exploring the city and living like a local. No matter why you want to study abroad, Active Languages can help you find your happy place.

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