Study French in Paris during the 2024 Olympics

Study French in Paris during the 2024 Olympics

Study French in Paris during the 2024 Olympics

What a year to come to Paris to study French at ACCORD Language School! Not only do you get to experience the French capital in summer but you also get to soak up the atmosphere of the Olympics host city during your French course at ACCORD Paris. There are a few things to consider before you arrive in Paris, so check out our helpful guide so you can squeeze every last drop out of this momentous year.

When are the Olympics?

The summer Olympics are being held between July 26th and August 11th then the Paralympics take over between August 28th and September 6th 2024.

Can I attend any of the Olympic events?

The short answer is: yes! Keep an eye on the at ( for tickets to events you might like to visit. There are still tickets for the Opening Ceremony for 2700€ if you want a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Tickets start at 100€ for the boxing events in Paris and there are lots of football tournaments being held in the French capital. Don’t forget to look at nearby cities such as Lille where you can watch Olympic rugby and basketball for as little as 40€. The Olympics are being hosted throughout France and with great rail connections from Paris, you’re never far from the action!

What’s the best way to get around Paris during the Olympics?

You can probably guess what we’re going to say: the metro system. We do have to warn you that there has been talk about doubling the price of metro tickets during the Games so it might be best to buy a rechargeable Navigo pass to save a little money that you can spend on tickets for the events themselves. You can buy the Navigo Découverte pass (the other pass is just for locals) at almost all the metro, RER, Transilien and train station ticket desks and you can even use it to travel on some trains and buses.

Where can I stay?

Hotels and private accommodation are reporting a soar in demand, which means that prices have skyrocketed too. The best thing to do is contact ACCORD Paris when you book your French language course and we’ll advise you of your options. The best and most inexpensive option will always be a host family accommodation as it gives you the chance to practise your French skills outside the classroom, make friends for life and experience real life in the city. But remember to book well in advance, as there will be no more rooms available just before summer. Best to book now!

Where can I watch the events for free?

Trocadéro is the place to meet and greet medal winners from the previous day, watch live action on screens and parades by the athletes. Make a beeline for Parc des Marnes to end the Olympics on a high and catch a glimpse of the women’s marathon as they whizz by. Paris City Hall has also set up fan zones where you can watch live events on screens and soak up the atmosphere. Here are the closest ones to ACCORD Language School:

  • Place Saint-Sulpice (6th arrondissement)
  • Centre Sportif Elisabeth (14th arrondissement)
  • Parc Sainte-Périne (16th arrondissement)

Ouvrons grand les Jeux!
We hope you have an Olympic time in Paris at ACCORD Language School and get in touch if you have any questions we can answer about your stay with us this summer.

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