Professional website translation services

Professional website translation services

Professional website translation services

You want to reach international customers to grow your business beyond your domestic market. You’ve researched your target market and to make sure you reach your international customers you need to translate your website. How do you go about find professional website translation services?

First of all, let’s take a look at why using professional website translation services to translate your website is a good idea for your business:

  1. Reach a wider audience
    A website available in your prospect’s native language is more likely to engage them and attract other consumers from outside your home country. That doesn’t mean you have to translate your website into every language on the planet, just pick and choose the countries you’d like to target and work from there and choose a company which offers professional website translation services.
  2. Gain credibility
    An interesting study by CSA Research found that 40% of consumers will not buy from a website that doesn’t provide a translation in their language. So when customers see that your website is available in their language, they see your business as a credible company and put their trust into working with you. This is why you need Professional website translation services.
  3. Improve SEO
    Google uses algorithms that rank websites with local content higher so a good translation company can help you research keywords to help your website rank well in foreign markets. At Active Languages, we work with human translators who will take your keywords and conduct a study of which terms appear most in Google to ensure your website is on point.

Now you know a few of the reasons why it’s worth translating your website, how are you going to go about it?
Machine or human translation? Let’s find out…

  1. Machine translation
    The CSA study we referred to earlier states that 65% of consumers prefer content in their language, even if it’s poor quality. As we know, machine translation provides instant and cost-effective results so if you’re pushed for time and money then it’s the only viable option. Unfortunately, there is a catch: machine translation tends to result in a loss of meaning, grammatical mistakes, poor localisation etc. which can easily disengage your audience. If your customer is spending most of their time muddling through your website trying to make sense of it then their opinion of your business is going to be negatively impacted, reducing your conversion rates and increasing your competitors’ chances of success.
    A poorly translated website also gives customers the impression that they don’t matter to your business, seeing as you’ve made minimal effort to connect with them in their own mother tongue. Once you’ve made a bad impression, there’s no going back.
  2. Human translation
    Contrary to popular belief, human translation really isn’t as expensive as you’d think. At Active Languages, our professional website translation services start at £100 per 1000 words for common European languages such as French, German, Spanish and Italian. With an SME website’s average word count being approximately 5000 words, £500 +VAT for a professional translation is a sound business investment.
    Translating a website is more than just transforming content into a different language, it’s closer to transcreation which involves tailoring the text to suit the local market and using the right language and tone to engage with visitors. Only a human translator with native language skills can provide this sort of insight and service.
    Don’t forget, making the right first impression counts so even if your budget doesn’t stretch to an entire website, you could pick out your key landing pages and have them translated by Active Languages.

Your translated website is up and running, what next?

  1. Queries from overseas clients are flooding in but your staff only speak English… Active Languages can help! We have experience handling customer queries from website back offices for online shops. All you have to do is provide us with the username and password we need to access the queries and we can translate them into English for you, you then send your answer and we’ll translate the answer for the customer. We charge a fair hourly rate and can check in once or twice a day so your clients get a reply within 24 hours.
  2. If you have a new product or service that you’d like to launch in your new market but would like help with the market research, get in touch with Active Languages. All you have to do is send us information about the product/service, let us know which country you would like to launch in and our translator will provide local advice about your competitors, similar products/services, price points, popularity and anything else you’d like us to research in the field. You can’t beat local knowledge!

So what are you waiting for? Active Languages will provide you with professional website translation services and will continue looking after your translation requirements as once your website has been translated, you will need Active Languages to help you respond to your international clients requests.

If you have any questions or would like to find out more about translating your website then contact us on, we’d love to hear from you!

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