Specialised Translators: Who, What and Why?

Specialised Translators: Who, What and Why?

If you’ve been researching translators and translation providers for a project you’ve been working on, you’ve probably come across the term “specialised translators” a few times. You have? Great! Then you’re in the right place to find out what exactly being a specialised translator involves and how assigning your translation to a specialised translator will benefit you and your business.

Who are specialised translators?

Specialised translators are language experts with a background in a specific field or expertise in a specialist area. At Active Languages Translation Agency let’s take our very own French > English translator, Héloïse, as an example. She’s carved out a place for herself as a specialised translator in the fashion and marketing fields given her experience working in sales for a leading designer retail company in the UK. Another example is Wojtek, our English > Polish translator with a background in engineering who specialises in technical content such as manuals, instructions and machinery. Work experience, personal interests and academic studies can play a factor in which direction specialised translators tend to lean towards. A lot of translators study language and another subject at university, so it’s very likely that your specialised translator in the medical field actually studied medicine or dentistry before going down the translation route.

What do specialised translators do?

If you want a complex legal document to be translated accurately and to the letter, then you want a translator who specialises in the area. Any good translator could translate the text, but you’ll get a faithful interpretation that uses the right jargon and localised terms if you work with a specialised translator who really understands the subject. It’s like taking your automatic car for an oil change at the local garage: they can do the job but they’ll take longer and it may not be as good as if you went to a specialist mechanic. Speaking of legal work, some legal translators are “sworn” or “certified” making them go-tos when it comes to birth certificates, death certificates, wills, divorce proceedings and any other document you need to stand up in court. Another point to mention about specialised translators is that they only translate into their mother tongue, so if you stumble upon anyone who says they are specialised translators in more than one language, steer well clear!

How do I find a specialised translator?

Contact Active Languages and let us do the legwork for you. All you have to do is send us the document you need translating, tell us which language you need and we’ll assign it to one of our specialised translators. We don’t charge any extra fees for using a specialised translator as opposed to a regular translator because it just makes sense to get it right first time for our customers. So, if you’ve got a website or a blog to translate which you want to make snappy to attract new audiences, we’ll assign it to one of our translators who specialises in marketing or advertising to bring your content to life in their language. On the other hand, if you’ve got technical commands for a piece of machinery which have to be spot-on for the sake of health and safety if nothing else, then we’ll assign it to one of our specialised engineering translators.

Now the only question left to ask is: when? When are you going to get your translation out to your customers, clients, colleagues or online audiences? Contact Active Languages for a free quote today and let’s get the ball rolling.

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