Summer Language Camp Abroad: What to Pack!

Summer Language Camp Abroad

Well done! You’ve booked the holiday of a lifetime for your children in a Summer Language Camp Abroad. They’re going to have a great time, make friends and memories that they will never forget all thanks to you. They’re also going to take their French skills to a level that will see them stand out from the crowd at school and get brownie points with their teachers. Now it’s all in the diary, summer is going to come around sooner than you think so we’ve created a little “what to pack” list so you have one less thing to think about before your children fly off to their holiday to remember.


As you know based on past summers, it can get very hot in France. The main thing you want to focus on is lots of lightweight clothing like vests, t-shirts, shorts, skirts, dresses and airy fabrics like linen and cotton. Your children will be taking part in sports so pack a pair of trainers and comfortable fitness clothing. Get them some good, comfortable and sturdy shoes for when they’re out and about visiting the sights or cities. Don’t forget swimwear: your children will definitely be going for a dip at the pool or the beach depending on which summer school you’ve chosen. A cap and sunglasses to protect them from the sunshine are a must. Just to be on the safe side or for cooler evenings, pop a pair of trousers and a long-sleeve top or jumper in their suitcase along with a light hooded jacket in case it rains. Use their holiday of a lifetime in a Summer Language Camp Abroad as an excuse to treat them to some cool new summer pyjamas so they’re ready for their cheeky late-night chats with their new friends.


Again, there will be lots of games and things to play with at the Summer Language Camp Abroad, you can rest assured. But taking a travel-size game of Guess Who? or Uno is an easy way for your children to bond with their fellow campers and introduce them to their favourite games. It’s also a golden opportunity for them to put their language skills into practice. Explaining the rules of play, how the game works and how to win in French is no mean feat and will see their confidence soar as they teach their peers a new skill themselves. You want something that’s light, convenient (no fiddly bits or parts that are easily lost) and small so it doesn’t take up much space in your luggage.


Think of it as a travel diary. Pop a notebook and a pen in your children’s suitcase so they can jot down what they get up to everyday. They can write it in French or English, start out in English then progress into French as they get more immersed in the language during their stay. Don’t think of it as a notebook for them to practise their French; this isn’t additional homework! They can write the whole thing in English if they want to. The main thing is that they make a record of their activities, their friends, their thoughts and feelings so they have a souvenir of their time at summer camp. Here, for example, is the notebook made in French by Vittoria, a young student who came to ACCORD Paris. Time flies and it’s easy to forget magical moments when there’s so much to look back on during an experience like this. Get some stickers so they can make it their own and give it pride of place on their bedroom shelf when they get home!


Don’t worry: if you’ve booked an all-inclusive language stay then your children will have all the food they could wish for! Sometimes, especially the first day or two, the kids may feel a little homesick so pack them their favourite chocolate bar, crisps, cake, sweets or drink so they have a taste of home. Think of it as a comfort blanket. It’s also a great ice breaker! When the other kids see an exotic bag of treats by a brand they’ve never heard of, they’ll all be lining up to ask to try it and get chatting to your little social butterfly. Everyone can have a taste of everybody else’s home and open their minds (and tastebuds) to new cultures and flavours. Great ice-breaking snacks are traditional eats such as flapjacks, scones, shortbread, twiglets or anything that’s classically British with a good shelf life and, most importantly, small and easy to pack.

Make sure you check their passports are still valid (you can no longer travel in the EU if you only have 6 months or less left on your passport), give them some spending money (good luck agreeing on how much with them) and bid them “bon voyage!”

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