Football camp for the school holidays

Football camp for the school holidays

Football camp for the school holidays

Keep the kids happy in the school holidays with the PSG football camp. The perfect Football Camp for the school holidays to keep your kids entertained.

With the school holidays fast approaching, you’re probably looking for something to keep the kids busy so you can get on with your work safe in the knowledge that they’re having a good time. Maybe your son or daughter is Mbappé’s biggest fan and would like to follow in his footsteps during the school break. Have you heard of the PSG Academy? Your kids probably have, so let us introduce you to what they have to offer.

Introducing the PSG Academy UK

We know you’ve all heard of Paris Saint-Germain, one of the most famous football teams on the planet. But did you know that the famous French football club has academies around the world training young players? The expert coaches at the PSG Academy UK are trained to the highest Paris Saint-Germain standards and have a wealth of experience teaching young players from all backgrounds no matter their ability. There are football camps all over the country, from Lancashire to Milton Keynes then back up to Wales, making your child’s holiday activity just a short car drive away.

Put your best foot forward!

What sets the PSG Academy UK apart from other football camps? Budding footballers are trained to play the Paris-Saint Germain way: to maintain possession and control the game. Players master their skills in a range of areas including dribbling, shooting from different distances, defending, tackling, marking, aerial control, heading and goalkeeping.

More than just football

The PSG Academy UK teaches more than just football: it teaches children and young adults skills for life in an environment they feel comfortable in. For example, learning about tactics teaches players the importance of planning and preparation to achieve your goals. Attendees learn about nutrition and healthy eating to give them the fuel they need to enjoy their day and get the most from the experience. The environment the PSG Academy UK creates at the football camp encourages players to improve their psychological awareness and social skills. Paris Saint-Germain values teamwork which means camp attendees not only learn to work together but also cooperate verbally and non-verbally during play. Last but not least, football is a great way for kids to let off steam and escape the stress of everyday life. With no phones to play with or screens to watch, they can focus on what really matters: their physical and mental wellbeing.

Anything else?

Actually yes! The PSG Academy UK provides all the players with an official Nike Paris Saint-Germain Academy UK football kit so they look the part as soon as they set foot on the pitch. All you need to send them in with is some football boots, shin pads, a light waterproof jacket and some suncream (just in case!). The PSG Academy UK provides individual progress and development reports at the end of the camp.
The experienced coaches keep an eye on each and every player to give them feedback about how they’ve advanced over the course of the football camp and areas for them to work on to develop their football skills and method.

How to book:

Visit the Paris Saint-Germain Academy England website and book your children’s place on the Easter or summer camp of your choice. You can follow them on social media too:
PSGAcademyENG Facebook page
PSG AcademyEngland Instagram

or contact Active Languages: contact us


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