Some of our clients will be off on their language holidays during the June half term whilst others will be jetting off to study abroad in summer. It doesn’t matter how old you are, having a few jokes up your sleeve is always worthwhile, especially if you’re in another country and want to get to know the locals and your fellow students. So here are a few jokes to pop in your back pocket and whip out when you get to your dorm, meet your host family or settle into your classroom. So whether you’re going to a country that speaks Spanish, German, Italian or French, Active Languages has got a few easy-to-remember jokes to break the ice and help you settle in. Enjoy!

Spanish Study abroad ice breakers

Cuáles son las vacas más perezosas?

A play on words between “vaca” (cow) and “vacaciones” (holidays) which translates to:
What are the laziest type of cows? Vacowtion!

¿Cómo se escribe «nariz» en inglés?
No sé!

A play on words with “no sé” (I don’t know) and the English word “nose”.

Italian Study abroad ice breakers

Cosa fanno due sassi uguali?

A play on words between “sasso” (stone), “sassi” (stones) and “si assomigliano” (they look alike) which translates to:
What do two identical stones do? They look alike!

Perché il pomodoro non riesce a dormire? Perché l’insalata russa!

A play on words between “russa” (snore) and “insalata russa” (a popular salad in Italy) which translates to:
What can’t the tomato sleep? Because the salad snores!

German Study abroad ice breakers

Alle Kinder bleiben am Abgrund stehen, nur nicht Peter, der läuft noch’n Meter.

Alle Kinder are classic German jokes that start with “all children” and end by singling one name out which has to rhyme with the punch line. This one translates to:
All children stop before the gorge, only Peter walks another metre.

“Mami, Mami, ich will nicht in die USA!”
“Sei ruhig und schwimm weiter.”

Another classic in Germany are the Mami and Papi jokes that end with a surprising punchline from the parents:
“Mummy, I don’t want to go to America!”
“Shut up and keep swimming.”

French Study abroad ice breakers

C’est l’histoire de deux pommes de terre. Une d’elles se fait écraser et l’autre s’écrie: “Oh purée!”

A play on “purée” which means both mashed potatoes and oh my goodness:
This is the story of two potatoes. One gets squashed and the other says: “Oh mash goodness!”

Une maman citron dit à ses enfants: “Pour vivre longtemps, il ne faut jamais être pressé.”

Another play on words with “pressé” meaning both squeezed and in a rush.
A mummy lemon tells her children: “To live a long life, you must never be squeezed for time.”

Do you have any jokes you’d like to add to the list?
Let us know so we can share them with our study abroad clients before they jet off on their holidays to remember!

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